Mar 25, 2022Liked by Alice Griffin

Sounds like the most wonderful road trip. I love the idea of having enough, that is what I strive for as I feel sure in my heart that it will feel good. I have been stripping back things to find that place and I know in those moments that I find it, that is when life if good.

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What a lovely a trip that was through Portugal and this piece of writing reminds me of all the lovely memories we had there! :) ♥

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Mar 16, 2022Liked by Alice Griffin

Lovely. Though I haven't yet visited Portugal (soon, I hope), I have married into a Portuguese family (my MIL and husband are Portuguese). We served pasteis de nata at our wedding and my kids have learned a smattering of the language with hopefully fluency in their future?

So my eyes and ears perk up whenever I hear stories about this beautiful land that now is part of my family heritage!

Lovely writing, as always <3

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Mar 15, 2022Liked by Alice Griffin

Dear Alice, Is always so good to read you, but listen to you sharing these stories is even more wonderful. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, the wisdom that comes of life being fully lived, in a simple but deep and meaninful way. Love x Joana

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by Alice Griffin

Truly beautiful, Alice. I love the ending— the suggestion that there isn’t only one end of the road, and therefore there are any number of ways to be satisfied.

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