Jun 29 • 3M


A season for the senses.

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Here I share recordings of my weekly writings for those who like to give their eyes a rest from the screen. They might be personal reflections, short stories, poetry, published articles. I look forward to connection and conversation.
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Summer, with its verdant greenness that spills into the open hatches of my narrowboat and splits my heart wide open.

Summer, when the earth is alive with humming and fluttering, my body buzzing with anticipation for all that might be.

Summer, of zesty citrus breakfasts sitting on the towpath, and evening walks amidst meadowsweet and honey-filled air.

Summer, falling between my fingers—feathery rocket, furry broad beans, fluffy southernwood; I am in love. 

Summer, taste the freedom. Clothing, food; it is my season: unencumbered, barefoot and unbound.


I’m fresh out of a week leading my short seasonal e-course, A Sense for Summer, and it was a joy to ease into the season and be reminded of all the reasons I love it. 

One poem that came from me during the week was when we explored touch on Day Four. I had been thinking about my Sky-high Garden of Dreams and being—for the first time in a long time—somewhat static…


Feathery (Rocket)
Fluffy (Southernwood)
Furry (Broad Beans)

I have the garden of my dreams.

I spoke about this in spring,
Made a pledge to begin.
And now, between my fingers
it grows. And who knows?
Where it will go.

Teeny tiny raindrops
Dance across my skin.
Put a stop to the heat.
Bring coolness to my feet…

Right here, right now.
Held tightly by root.
The earth’s touch.
A shoot,
Begins to grow.


I’ve been quiet of late but somewhere deep within I feel the stirring of words…

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