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I love the North York Moors, I spent a year living on the edge of them in my 20s they will always have a place in my heart. I hear you on the need for big open spaces, there are times when these are important spaces of us to be in, to escape the confines and constrictors of the world we inhabit.

Your words are wonderful and sublime in the images they create, the balm for the soul and the gentleness with which they wrap you up with care. Thank you for sharing, as always.

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Delightful. I was right there in the moors. The moment of the jade necklace was so powerful and touching and tender.

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How much I can relate. My parents live on an isolated spot on a large lake and it feels like balm to my soul every time I visit. I need space and quiet and space mentally and physically for contemplation.

At other times I need closeness; the intimacy of a small space, warm and comforting.

Perhaps that is another cycle of the seasons. In winter, wide expanses feel lonely, cold, and exposed and I crave the warm glow of a lamp in a little corner of my living room, blanket draped on my lap and cozy socks on my feet.

But when spring and summer come around my body can feel the need to unwind and feel small in a big world.

As always, you've captured my feelings so eloquently with words. Love that you use this gift to bless all us readers <3

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