Feb 9 • 3M

Life on the Water

A short reflection on narrowboat living

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Here I share recordings of my weekly writings for those who like to give their eyes a rest from the screen. They might be personal reflections, short stories, poetry, published articles. I look forward to connection and conversation.
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The smell of woodsmoke on a dank late afternoon, eerie plumes snaking their way across the darkening canal like thoughts I no longer want emptying from my mind.

Wet ropes, cold fingers, old gloves—there is no fashion show needed.

The joy of leaping from deck to towpath, easing our hulk of a home to its mooring. Metal on metal rings through the air as I bash pins in; the delicious weight of mallet in hand.

Looking around at the view — a new view, every day if the fancy takes you — and spying a "sunshine" tree right outside our window.

Being rocked to sleep as a boat passes slowly in the darkening night. Waking to watch the sunshine tree come to life at first light.

The sound of ice cracking around my ears in winter, fish and ducks nibbling at the waterline in spring and summer, the raining down of magical leaves in autumn.

Nature everywhere.


Reflecting in the watery ripples that soothe my mind.


Then there is the shunting, rocking, manouvering - the throwing of ropes, jumping to other boats, ducking to tie up; slipping on mud.

Mud. Mud. Mud.

The smell of a boatyard—heavy, oily, like my dad's workshop—the cheery faces, "just chuck us a fiver mate."

And the peace. Always the peace.

The taking ourselves off to the countryside where we watch the sliver of a moon appear and disappear behind cloud, our gaze stretched across endless fields—from pitch black to orange glow.

But being in that glow if we want. And after the year we have had, perhaps that's the main reason afterall:

A home that moves, so we can be close to loved ones as we need and wish.