Feb 26 • 3M

From Dark to Light

Walking with grief through poetry

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Here I share recordings of my weekly writings for those who like to give their eyes a rest from the screen. They might be personal reflections, short stories, poetry, published articles. I look forward to connection and conversation.
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Continuing on the theme of hope, today I wanted to share several small poems I have written in recent months while walking my own journey through grief. 

My conclusion from these three sets of words, which focus on grounding and contemplating earth, is that it's okay to hibernate, to go within our feelings—dark and light—knowing spring will come once again and with it, hope.💛

Perhaps you will find something within these short poems that strikes a chord. 

Earth, Part 1:


From it we grow.
To it we go.

Why...should I believe in you?
Crumbling between my fingers,
holding all my secrets.

And so I rest on water a while,
in shimmering dreams of golden light,
rocking beneath the cascading leaves
that are birthed by you,
but not tied to you.

And I wait.
Until it's safe.
To trust you again.

Earth: Part 2

I feel the mulchy wonder sliding into my veins
And understand,
Nothing remains the same.

From this slumber I will grow
In vibrant colours of red and gold
And who will know?
Of the dark days, black like thunder.

All life must sometimes live

A silent hibernation.
Reflective contemplation.
Before the wondrous sensation
Of springtime expectation.

Floating Feather

Wet in the lock
I spied you.
Your barbs floating,
Still beautiful, despite hardship.

I thought to will you into life
So our dreams might take flight
Gliding within translucent thermals,
Always towards the light.

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