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Reflections on life, death, and everything in between; along with short stories, poetry and articles borne from my connections with nature—often infused with elements of my wandering, freedom-seeking lifestyle.

About Me…

I’m an author, poet, and teacher of writing to home-educated children and families. I currently live on a narrowboat travelling the waterways of England. I have also lived in Japan, Portugal, Spain, Greece, France, and the Highlands of Scotland in everything from a van, to a cabin, village house, smallholding cottage, and even a yurt. You could say I have wandering feet. I share this gypsy lifestyle with my husband, Scott, our daughter Isabella, and our two doggies, Milla and Pepper.

You can read my published work and sign up for my e-courses over on my website www.alicegriffin.co.uk

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Warmly, Alice